Worksin Research or Progress :

Choreographing the Listening This research based performance installation piece brings into question and focus how we listen, physically and neurologically. Ultimately what happens to our bodies, and how do they react when we do. It dissects the body and shows this through 2 separate spaces and audiences, one the listener and the other, the observer. There is interplay between the audiences as they have the chance to play out both sides.

Current Shows touring:

For Your Ears Only This is a theatrical attempt to reclaim the scene and focus the performance around Sound alone. We made a Radiophonic theatre show about a fantastic show of French Collective the Superamas, told through the Critique of  Pieter T’Jonck, Elke Van Campenhout, (BE)  and Andrew Haydon (UK). The piece makes a comment on the theatre process from concept to critique, focusing on the disappearance of the critique. Just as listening to an audio book conjures up our images and lets us create our own individual story, so does For Your Ears Only. Direction & Concept : Dianne Weller Sound design: Ruben Nachtergaele Sound Technical Director: Ludo Engels Lighting designer: Hans Meijer Sound Performance : 1 hr Duration in English. (with possibility to be dubbed in other languages) Soundscapes and Critical discussion illuminate the story of the show that has never been seen.

For Your Ears Only Trailer:

“Ik zag of beter hoorde deze Radiophonic Theater perfomance bedacht door Dianne Weller. Een unieke ervaring die de imaginatie prikkelt. Een aanrader. En het gaf me zin om “La vie mode d’emploi” van Perec te lezen. Heeft iemand de Nederlandse vertaling?”

“Strongly recommended. The listener is warmly pampered in this piece. You forget the time.”

“It was so much more with so much less. Fantastic everlasting thrill also for your sound engineers… Incredible and mind-experience-blowing how every performance can also be such a different thing each night, “just” with pre-recorded sound. It s been a long time to have entered such a house of a play!”

“I was rather sceptical beforehand, only sound? But in less then 5 minutes i was completely in to it, confusing, funny, thrilling, scary, intelligent. Very beautiful sound piece, congrats!”

“Would love to hear it again! Driving home it seems I had really ‘seen’ the play. Never been on a boat with the audience before, lovely!”

“Just remembering a moment from friend Dianne Weller’s fabulous piece…questioning perspective and turning the established inside out. Makes you think! I highly recommend!!!!! We want more! “

“…it was a beautiful piece of meta-theater and soundscaping”

“. great! Loved it.”

“Geluisterd & goedgekeurd.”

“Thanks for ‘for your ears only’ ! Enjoyed every minute of it. Magnificent!”

Sproutland SoundLab : International Working Group Dianne Weller is responsible for setting up and organising Sproutland SoundLab which began in 2011 in Brussels at Nadine werkplaatz. It has springboarded into becoming an annual event of around 1-2 weeks duration. Each Lab is  individually curated by artists whose work relates to sound and is connect to partners Nadine, Les Bains:Connective and de PianoFabriek and QO2 werkplaatz.  The participants are varied with interdisciplinary backgrounds.

For more information on the Sound Lab go to :

Previous Shows :

the Passage…

“How do you write? How do you tell story? How do you see? How do you get acquainted with the place? How do you read the traces? How do you go there…” Georges Perec

Voice artist and performer Dianne Weller conceived this voice installation performance piece for singular audience experience which tries to capture the message and underlying sentiment of the film ‘Recits d’Ellis’ Isle by George Perec. This is created by using the very different aspects of the vocal tools and materials people use. Employing in a surprising and inventive way the palate of colors and range the voice can demonstrate as a means of communication and performativity. The thematic of The Passage… focuses on the question of displacement and self-imposed migration in today’s society. It is a performance piece for 4 performers and single audience experience that runs for a period of 5 hours per day (40mins for each spectator). Each performer’s space is specially focusing on an aspect of the voice (speaking, singing, multiple sound and silence).

Here you find a link to the Storyboard/Audio file of the show itself for Audio only files go to :

the Passage… RE-Invented into a Lecture Performance: Considering the question: Can we Re-Visit, Re-Work, Re-Interpret material into a new frame? 3 years later, the original work from the Passage Voice Installation Performance for 4 performers, in this version, transforms the material into a solo for multiple audience members, in the frame of a Lecture performance.

Here is a link to Video Artist Alessandra Coppola’s filmic interpretation of this performance: the Passage..Re-Invented into a Lecutre Performance ZSenne Art Lab Feb 2012

Assassins by Stephen Sondheim A musical written by Stephen Sondheim, which shows the dark side of American history. Assassins is an attempt to make the “musical genre” accessible to a contemporary audience. By singing and reading text from a table while reducing the orchestra to one piano, we’ve created a musical for people who even hate musicals! Created in Brussels with an International cast we’ve shown that when you strip everything down even a musical can cut to the bone.

Short 22min excerpt of Assassins

the PushUps An Acapella ensemble of 5 woman coming from around the globe who deal with women’s issues through the embodiment of music. These woman take famous alternative rock and pop tunes and turn them on their head. It’s a fast paced comedic spectacle, 50 mins long told through dance, song and skits. Absolutely Fabulous meets the Flight of the Conchords meets Desperate Housewives…. or as some call it, the Spice Girls who never made it.

For Links to some short trailers of the PushUps go to the PushUps site at :! (Or under the ‘Links’ page)

Two Most Perfect Things by Adrian Fisher songs by Coward & Novello This show tells the story of the lives of two of Britian’s most legendary musical theatre genius’ of the 20th Century, Noel Coward and Ivor Novello. It is a play for 4 performers playing multiple characters, performing some of the big hits from each of these writer’s collections.

the Voyagers Is a children’s musical puppet show in french for 2-6 year olds. It features physical performance and puppetry, it tells the story of these travellers journey through french children’s songs. 20 mins in duration


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